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Smart Reads of the Week: Where Next For the Stock Market?

As the earnings season for REITs kicks off, this is a hectic period with successive “waves” of companies all releasing their earnings and updates at once.

And with COVID-19, most companies, if not all, will include a special discussion section on how the pandemic is hurting (or benefitting) their business.

There will certainly be a lot to read, digest and analyse.

That’s why I think it’s important for us to take a step back now and then to quietly reflect on our goals and lives.

In case you think this sounds too philosophical, hear me out.

You need a periodic recharge of your batteries to gain a clearer perspective of things.

How is your investment portfolio doing?

Are your investment goals on their way to being met?

Has the pandemic drastically changed the way you live?

These questions can help us to better size up and review our portfolio companies.

Here are the top reads of the week.

1. First Glance: How Have REITs Fared During the Circuit Breaker?

Investors might be curious about how REITs have performed during Singapore’s unprecedented circuit breaker period. We provide a summary for REITs that have released their earnings.

2. Don’t Miss This Dividend-Paying Growth Stock with Massive Potential

It’s not every day that you get a company providing a good mix of both growth and dividends. We introduce one such stock to you to add to your watchlist.

3. 2 Stocks That Are Smashing New All-Time Highs This Year

The pandemic may have wreaked havoc on many companies, but here are two businesses whose share prices are hitting new all-time highs.

4. 3 Simple Techniques That Will Allow You to Invest Like Warren Buffett

If you believe that being able to invest like Warren Buffett is simply too tough, think again. We offer three nuggets of advice on how you can invest like the Oracle of Omaha.

5. 3 Tips You Can Use to Buy Stocks on the Cheap

Worried about buying stocks with high valuations? Here are three methods you can use to purchase stocks cheaply.

6. Sembcorp Industries Defers its Interim Dividend: Can the Company Find Its Mojo Again?

Sembcorp Industries Limited (SGX: U96) has reported a weak set of earnings and scrapped its interim dividend. We look at whether the company can get through these tough challenges.

7. Should You Invest in IPOs?

With positive sentiment cautiously returning, some companies may seek to go public in the second half of 2020. Are such IPOs a sure thing for investors?

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