The Smart Investor is hiring!

Investing Analyst

We love investing in stocks, and we are looking for a kindred spirit. 

What do you get with us?  An investing team with decades of investing experience to share. We work remotely and will provide you with as much flexibility as possible for you to do your best work. 

Who are we seeking?  An analyst — nay, investor — who is willing to teach, learn and share everything there is about investing. 

What will be attractive to us:

  • Experience investing in Asian stock markets, especially Hong Kong.
  • Your ability to simplify complex concepts and communicate through various media, including video, written articles, presentation, and events.
  • Independent thinkers who are willing to step up on their own.
  • Your willingness to be wrong, failing and getting better.
  • A private or public track record in stock-picking — show us that you’re passionate about investing in stocks and keeping score.

If the above resonates deeply with you, let’s have a chat. Email us at hello@thesmartinvestor.com.sg

Freelance Writer/Analyst

If you love investing or love to write, then this could be the role for you.

The Smart Investor is looking for a freelance writer/analyst. You’ll get to publish under your own name, share your sharp analysis and compelling writing with thousands of investors in Singapore and overseas.

You’ll get to hone your analysis and writing skills as you work with our analyst team.

Please note that this role is a freelance role, and pays by the article. Share with us your original articles, blogs, or any medium that displays your best work. Nothing beats a demonstration of ability.  Just email us at hello@thesmartinvestor.com.sg with your writing!

Equity Analyst Intern

Love investing in stocks? Have a willing to learn attitude? That’s what we’re looking for!

We’re looking for an intern to work with our analyst team. You’ll be given the opportunity to work with a high performing team that has a strong, proven track record of picking outstanding, market-beating stocks.

You don’t need any relevant experience, it’s all about on-the-job learning.

For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with our analyst team, please send in your resume and cover letter to hello@thesmartinvestor.com.sg

Member Services (Part Time)

Do you like to interact with people? And able to engage with them? Are you good at problem-solving?

The Smart Investor is looking for someone who can help us to engage, assist, and generally delight our members. The role includes answering emails about a variety of issues to help convert and retain members, and working closely with the rest of The Smart Investor team to provide feedback and highlighting opportunities to improve our service and content. This role is a part-time role, for an average of 1-2 hours a day. We run flexible hours for this role, and you can work at your own leisure, as long as the member services goals are reached.

If you’re keen to join our team, please write in to hello@thesmartinvestor.com.sg with your resume and cover letter.