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Low Interest Rates Don’t Necessarily Mean We Keep More Cash in Hand

As enticing and appealing as cash might be, the problem is that there is a cost associated with keeping it.

How to Generate a Reliable Stream of Income That Will Last You for Life

Here's how you can build a robust income-generating portfolio that can continue paying consistent dividends over the long-term.

The Coronavirus Outbreak: 3 Quick Investing Tips from Warren Buffett

Judging by how much the stock market has been fluctuating in the past week, it’s fair to say that common sense is in short supply now. 

Get Smart: Warren Buffett is Selling. Should You Sell Too?

Warren Buffett has been selling shares of his largest stock position. But as Smart Investors, we don't have to mimic all his moves.

Why Slow Money is Better than Fast Money

As Smart Investors, our investing horizon stretches out 15 years, rather than 14 days or 15 minutes.

1 Little-Known Book That Makes You A Smarter Investor

How Jason Zweig's book, Your Money and Your Brain, will help you become a smarter investor. The book has left a lasting impression on how I invest.

17 Wild Facts About Finance and Investing

Did you know that investors can lose money even if they invest in the best fund? Read on about 17 stock market facts that will blow your mind.

My Chinese New Year Wish List For Improving Singapore’s Retail Bonds Market For Investors

SGX RegCo has established a working group to study how Singapore’s retail bonds market can be improved. Here are my suggestions for investor-education.

1 Key Ratio to Check Before You Buy Your Next Dividend Stock

Why you should be checking the dividend payout ratio before you buy your next dividend stock. And more.

Get Smart: Dividends by the Busload

A story of how SBS Transit Ltd (SGX: S68) went from a non-performer to a top performer in a matter of months. And our patience paid off.

The Dangers of Short-term Trading

An aggressive marketing campaign in the heart of CDB has Jeremy Chia up in arms. Here's what he has to say.

2 Big Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make In 2020

With the New Year upon us, investors should resolve to avoid these two big mistakes during their investment journey.



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