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3 Things to Expect from REITs During Earnings Season

With earnings season rolling around again, here's what investors should be looking out for.

Mapletree Industrial Trust’s Latest Acquisition: Boosting Its Data Centre Weightage

The industrial REIT displays confidence in the data centre sector.

3 REITs You Cannot Afford to Miss Out On

These three REITs have strong qualities you should watch out for.

3 Warning Signs That Signal Your Dividends May Be at Risk

These three red flags can provide ample warning as to whether a company may begin to cut its dividends.

These 3 REITs Are Still Cheap. But Are They Worth Buying?

It may not be easy to find affordable REITs right now, but here are three cheap REITs that you wish to consider.

REIT Share Prices Have Recovered: Real Rally or False Dawn?

It seems a little unreal that share prices of REITs have staged a recovery. Is this a real rally, or could it be just a false dawn?

Why First REIT’s Share Price Fell 21% Yesterday

Hospital operator PT Siloam is facing drastic declines in inpatient volumes.

Is a Dividend-Seeking Strategy Still Valid Today?

During a pandemic, is it practical for companies to continue paying dividends?

Better Buy: Frasers Centrepoint Trust Versus Mapletree Commercial Trust

We take a deeper look at both REITs to assess which is a better investment candidate.

What Is the Outlook for Industrial REITs?

Have industrial REITs also fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic?

2 Overseas REITs That Have Performed Well

Income-seeking investors may wish to turn their attention to these two overseas REITs.

Dividend Investors Alert: Is the REIT Model Permanently Broken?

Numerous REITs have reported plunging footfall and net property income drying up. Is the REIT model finally broken?

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