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What’s Next for Singapore’s Hospitality REITs?

We take a closer look at how hospitality REITs are coping during this pandemic.

3 REITs That Grew Their Dividends

These three REITs managed to grow their dividends despite the coronavirus crisis.

REITs are Cutting Distributions. Is Your Dividend Under Threat?

Income-seeking investors might be worrying about their passive income source being disrupted by the pandemic.

3 Measures to Help REITs Better Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic

Emergency measures have been rolled out to ease the burden on REITs' cash flow.

Are REITs Still A Good Investment for Income?

With some REITs facing an existential crisis, questions have been raised over whether this asset class still qualifies as a good passive income source.

2 REITs That Are Still Trading Near 52-Week Lows

Even after the market's rebound, there are still two REITs that are trading at a level near their 52-week low. But what is cheap may not be good.

4 Important Factors You Need to Know for Your REITs

For REITs that are still doing quarterly reporting, here are four aspects investors should watch out for.

Are REITs Safe to Invest Now?

We look at which type of REIT offers the best stability and income visibility during this pandemic.

SPH REIT Just Slashed Its Dividends. Will Other Retail REITs Follow Suit?

SPH REIT announced a drastic cut to its quarterly dividend in light of Covid-19. Does this imply other retail REITs may do the same?

6 REITs Yielding More Than 8%

Here are another three REITs with distribution yields exceeding 8%.

3 REITs Yielding More Than 8%

The bear market has thrown up numerous interesting investment opportunities, REITs being among them. Here are three REITs sporting dividend yields greater than 8%.

15 Companies That Will Benefit from the Covid-19 Resilience Budget

With Covid-19 ravaging Singapore's economy, the Government has announced a Resilience Budget to assist people and businesses. We take a look at companies that stand to benefit from this generous package.

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