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The Massive REITs Bloodbath: What Next?

We offer logic, facts and assurance regarding the sharp sell-down in REITs over the last couple of days.

3 Stocks That Are Cheap Now

With the collapse in share prices, investors need to sift out the wheat from the chaff. Here are three stocks investors should look at that are unjustifiably cheap.

4 Things You Should Know About New Hampshire US REIT

We look at a REIT with properties in a new type of asset class. Here are four things that investors need to know about New Hampshire US REIT.

Singapore Hospitality REITs Stand to Benefit from Budget 2020

The recently-announced Budget 2020 is set to ease the pressure on hospitality REITs that have been badly hit by Covid-19.

6 Important Aspects of Elite Commercial REIT You Should Know

The first IPO of the new decade is a UK-centric REIT called Elite Commercial REIT. Here are three aspects that investors should take note of.

Elite Commercial REIT’s IPO: 3 Risk Factors You Should Know Before Investing

With Elite Commercial REIT being the first Mainboard IPO on SGX this year, Royston Yang delves into three key risks that investors should know.

Smart Trends: How Singapore’s Shopping Malls Will Die … Or Survive

Shopping malls in Singapore cannot be a place to buy things alone. To that end, there are four major trends today that could determine whether a mall will survive in the future.

5 Reasons FLT-FCOT is a Great Merger

As the REIT consolidation wave shows no sign of abating, let's have a look at the merits of the latest merger involving Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust and Frasers Commercial Trust.

Should You Buy Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust Now?

The unrest in Hong Kong has spilled over into Festival Walk which is owned Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust. Are units worth a look today?

How To Pick REITs That Can Feed You For Life

REITs with the highest yields are not always the best ones to buy. Instead, look for these four things.  

The Healthcare REIT Industry Check-Up: A Good Investment Now?

An x-ray of Parkway Life REIT (SGX: C2PU) and First Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: AW9U) reveals a very different risk and reward profile.

Keppel DC REIT: Why I Like its Yield And Growth Prospects

My first ever stock was a REIT. But I stopped buying REITs for more than a decade after that. Then, I bought Keppel DC REIT. Find out why.

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