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Get Smart: Deal or No Deal?

The recently-announced trade deal between America and China didn’t strike us as being much of a deal between the two economic giants.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Stress

Governments that are ignoring climate change may eventually be forced to take action to avert an environmental catastrophe.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Noise

Did you make any money on your stock-market investments this year? I did. The best thing that any of us could have done this year is to ignore the noise.

Get Smart: A Tale Of Two Pomelos

Do you prefer large-cap companies or small caps? Large caps, or companies with sizeable market values, can have their advantages just as smaller outfits can have their pluses.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Lifeblood

Retailing is not just about choosing online over offline. It is not a binary choice but instead it is about appreciating and understanding what customers want, and when they want it.

Smart Take Of The Week: Extinction

The companies that we invest in should be sustainable businesses. What’s the point in making stuff, if there is nobody around to buy the stuff they make?

Get Smart: 3 Investing Mistakes We Must Overcome

We, investors, sometimes like to make things much harder than they need to be. But we don't have to make it hard for ourselves.

Smart Take Of The Week: Leftovers

There were two stories in The Business Times that caught my attention this week. They were kind of related but not quite. Same, same but different.

Smart Take Of The Week: Patience

We might not know what the stock market will be doing the short term, but we should recognise when shares look cheap.

Get Smart: My Secret Ingredient Of Success

If you choose and combine your stocks carefully, then your portfolio could outperform money in the bank.

Smart Take Of The Week: Melt-Up

Whether we like it or not, we are living in interesting times. Very interesting times. But then, we have always lived in interesting times, and always will.

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We were only getting started in Singapore.

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