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Smart Thought Of The Week: MVP

A vaccine is not a fancy motorised scooter or a piece of operating software where a minimum viable product or MVP will do. This is not something that can be fixed on the fly after it has been injected into millions.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Repression

US Federal Reserve is aiming to boost average inflation above a 2% target, whilst keeping interest rates ultra-low for years to boost employment. The two key words are “average” and “target”.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Speculation

Speculation is most dangerous when it looks easiest. There is plenty that can go wrong.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Relevance

It will be a long time before things will return to normal, if that is even possible. But that doesn’t mean that our lives will have to come to a standstill.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Eureka

We will never be 100% right. But it is always better to be roughly right than to be totally wrong.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Many Hands

The global economy is like a four-engine plane. But as with the plane, when each engine loses power, we can expect economic growth to slow.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Warren Buffett

Whenever Warren Buffett underperforms the market, there are plenty of people out there who love to take a pop at him. But he is used to it.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Compromise

Should there ever be a trade-off between the economic health of a country and the health and well-being of its citizens?

Smart Thought Of The Week: Idly

It doesn’t look good, at all. In fact, it looks downright dire according to the latest global economic report from the International Monetary Fund.

Diary Of A Private Investor: There Really Is No Alternative This Time

If the performance of the stock market over the last few of months is any guide, then this nightmare of a pandemic could be over quite soon.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Patience

We humans are an impatient bunch. We demand instant gratification for just about everything that we do. Instant coffee, instant noodles, instant quick frozen, etc …

Smart Thought Of The Week: Confidence

In just a handful of words, the UK government has done more for the people of Hong Kong than the damaging threats from America...

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