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Smart Thought Of The Week: Idly

It doesn’t look good, at all. In fact, it looks downright dire according to the latest global economic report from the International Monetary Fund.

Diary Of A Private Investor: There Really Is No Alternative This Time

If the performance of the stock market over the last few of months is any guide, then this nightmare of a pandemic could be over quite soon.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Patience

We humans are an impatient bunch. We demand instant gratification for just about everything that we do. Instant coffee, instant noodles, instant quick frozen, etc …

Smart Thought Of The Week: Confidence

In just a handful of words, the UK government has done more for the people of Hong Kong than the damaging threats from America...

Diary Of A Smart Investor: Have Dividends had Their Day?

Check if they're still worth pursuing as a stream of reliable income.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Joblessness

If the astonishing rebound of stock markets is anything to go by, then it probably means that we are well on our way to a recovery. It is almost as though the pandemic had never happened.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Renminbi

Did you notice how China very cleverly deflected attention away from the dire state of its own economy by getting everyone to focus on what it plans to do in Hong Kong?

Smart Thought Of The Week: Souffle

Stock markets around the world are rising and falling faster than my home-cooked souffles.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Wall Of Worry

If Laurel & Hardy were around today, Oliver might say to Stanley: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into”.

How To Brighten Up Our Portfolios

Co-Founder David Kuo writes about “How To Brighten Up Our Portfolios”. He talks about how to make investing fun, and profitable.  The article can be found...

Smart Thought Of The Week: Rebound

The rebound in global stock markets last month was almost as dramatic as it was baffling to some.

Diary Of A Private Investor: When Will This Nightmare End?

It seems that some of us might have turned into amateur epidemiologists. We think we know more about the deadly Covid-19 pathogen than even...

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