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How To Brighten Up Our Portfolios

Co-Founder David Kuo writes about “How To Brighten Up Our Portfolios”. He talks about how to make investing fun, and profitable.  The article can be found...

Smart Thought Of The Week: Rebound

The rebound in global stock markets last month was almost as dramatic as it was baffling to some.

Diary Of A Private Investor: When Will This Nightmare End?

It seems that some of us might have turned into amateur epidemiologists. We think we know more about the deadly Covid-19 pathogen than even...

Smart Thought Of The Week: Risk

There are just too much that we still do not know about Covid-19. But it is better to be roughly right than totally wrong.

Quick Thought Of The Week: Clippers

According to Walmart, we are now in the “hair-dye phase”, as consumers become more self-aware. They already have enough toilet rolls. So, they are now more concerned about the way they look.

Quick Thought Of The Week: Inferno

Governments and central banks around the world are doing whatever it takes to stop the coronavirus from wreaking havoc.

Diary Of A Private Investor: Stand Back And See The Big Picture

In these difficult times in the stock market, it can be hard, if not impossible, to see the woods for the trees.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Recovery

Investing in these tough times can be a bit like driving down an unlit country road in heavy fog.

How To Make Money In Any Market

So there I was, standing at the bottom of a broken escalator on Scotts Road. If you know the Orchard area, you will probably know the one that I...

Smart Thought Of The Week: Time to Buy REITs?

With interest rates likely to stay lower for longer, REITs should be in greater demand than before

Smart Thought Of The Week: Ostrich

We should never be overly elated when share prices surge, and we shouldn’t be overly dejected when share prices crater

Smart Thought Of The Week: Brutal

In distressing times, the balance sheet rather than the profit and loss account should be our first port of call.

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