Foundation Lessons

LESSON #2 Building your portfolio using David Kuo’s Smart Portfolio Builder

Constructing a portfolio is like building a sturdy house that will last a lifetime. 

LESSON #2.1 The Income Segment

The foundation of the pyramid should be filled with reliable producers of income for your lifetime. 

LESSON #2.2 The Growth Segment

The growth segment’s role is to provide an ongoing boost to your stream of income. 

LESSON #2.3 The Speculative Segment

The key differentiator in the speculative segment is that the outcome is less certain than the income or growth segments. 

LESSON #2.4 Here are 5 extra tips for building the best income portfolio  

5 key portfolio-building tips to constructing your own dividend income portfolio

LESSON #3 Kuo’s Income Portfolio: Why David is picking property-related stocks

You may be asking why David is focussing on property-related stocks. His answer: Why not? 

LESSON #4 Malaysia Money Machines: Why David is investing in Malaysian Stocks

There are stock gems that can be found in Malaysia -- if you are willing to do some research and due diligence.

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