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KIP July 2020 Update: Hang Tight

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KIP June 2020 Update: Two In, One Out

Quite simply, KIP needs to carry on doing what it has been doing. That is the key to successful investing.

KIP May 2020: Sell In May? No Way!

It has been another action-packed month for the KIP portfolio.

April 2020 KIP Update: Let’s Work The Problem

KIP has not been immune to the Covid-19 outbreak. Nevertheless, it continues to perform well as an entity, even though some individual stocks have been disproportionately impacted

How To Navigate Your New Member Site

Welcome to your new member site for David Kuo's Income Portfolio!

KIP March 2020 Update: The Unreliable Boyfriend (Or Girlfriend)

The market can be fickler than an unreliable boyfriend (or girlfriend). However, any dividends that we have already banked are ours to keep.

February 2020 KIP Update: Hi Ho Silver, Away!

It was an interesting month for KIP, but only if you enjoy rollercoaster rides. It just goes to show that we must expect the...

2020 January KIP Update: Going shopping

Welcome to your first monthly report of 2020 for KIP. For those of you who are new to KIP, it is a continuation of...

2019 December KIP Update: The Big Thaw

On 31 December, PIP was taken out of the deep freeze. It has been reincarnated as KIP or Kuo’s Income Portfolio.

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