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Smart Reads of the Week: US Election Looms

The race is heating up in the US as its once-in-four-year election draws closer.

If Donald Trump (in the Republican team) wins a second term, it may signal more acrimony with China.

Should Biden clinch the top seat, the US may see a moderation in its policy with China.

The Democrat has also pledged to use all available resources to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although all eyes are on this important event, investors should be relieved to know that the outcome is unlikely to significantly impact any investment thesis.

Businesses that are primed for growth and can adapt to this pandemic qualify as good candidates to own no matter how the election turns out.

While there may indeed be a short-term knee-jerk reaction based on whoever wins, over time, choosing the right companies means that they will do just fine over the long-term.

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