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Smart Reads of the Week: Trump Steps Aside, Biden Steps Up

Finally, an end to the antics and drama.

That must be what investors were thinking when Joe Biden was finally sworn in as the 46th US President on 20 January.

With Donald Trump finally stepping down from the top seat, the US can now finally get down to tackling the pandemic which the ex-President had largely ignored.

The new President has wasted no time in unveiling an ambitious US$1.9 trillion economic rescue package.

These consist of stimulus checks, more aid for those who lost their jobs, and additional support for businesses.

This package is on top of the US$3 billion relief package last March and in addition to the US$900 billion pledged last December.

The flood of money has pushed stock markets higher, leading to concern that some businesses are starting to become overvalued.

As investors, we should remember that price is what we pay, and value is what we get.

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