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Smart Reads of the Week: Can We Still Buy Stocks?

It has been a full week since Phase 2’s Safe Transition kicked in.

Life has resumed some level of normalcy, with hawker centres and malls full of people dining and shopping.

Aside from the masks worn by everyone, things seem almost normal.

However, countries such as the US are seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases in what is turning out to be the dreaded “second wave” of infections.

Investors may see a disconnect between the damage done to the economy and how the stock market has performed in the last four weeks.

Some may feel jittery and nervous as they fear an impending collapse in earnings and dividends for the companies within their portfolio.

Our advice, as always, is to keep calm and carry on investing.

Our top articles this week cover a range of topics including Singapore banks, attractive REITs to consider, and warning signs to look out for in case of a dividend cut.

1. Can You Still Buy Singapore Banks?

The economy seems to be standing on shaky ground as the virus decimates a large swath of businesses. Is it still safe to invest in the local banks?

2. 3 REITs You Cannot Afford to Miss Out On

Although the REIT sector has been badly battered by the coronavirus, here are three REITs with strong characteristics that you may wish to consider adding to your watchlist.

3. 3 Warning Signs That Signal Your Dividends May Be at Risk

Are you worried that the companies within your portfolio may slash dividends? Here are three red flags you should watch out for.

4. 3 Winners from Phase II’s Safe Transition

With the partial re-opening of the economy, businesses that had suffered during the circuit breaker period can now enjoy a breath of fresh air. We look at three businesses that will benefit from Phase II.

5. 3 Looming Risks for DBS Bank

Investing involves both risk and reward. Here are three risks we have identified that may impact DBS Bank’s growth.

6. 3 Key Ingredients to Become A Successful Investor

Warren Buffett is widely recognised as a savvy and successful investor. Here are three aspects you can learn from him so that you can become successful, too.

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