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Smart Reads of the Week: The Asian Consumer

Dear Smart Investor,

Earlier this week, we held a free webinar, “Investing In The Next Big Thing”, to overwhelming success.

If you missed out on it, just click HERE to view a recording of the event.

For an in-depth dive of what the webinar topic was all about, read the first article in our list below, The Rise Of The Asian Consumer.

We also launched a new microsite this week where we publish a series of special content featuring Co-Founder David Kuo’s unique brand of investing. The content will culminate in a special opening next week, where David will be revealing a brand new portfolio, to add on to his existing two portfolios.

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On to the list of top articles this week…

1. The Rise Of The Asian Consumer

When it comes to growth in consumption, forget the US and Europe. Asia is where you should be focusing your attention on in the next decade.

2. Should You Invest in REITs Despite COVID-19?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still yet to die down, should you be looking to invest in REITs for income? Are the risks still high for this sector?

3. How to Grow Your Dividends by Investing Globally

Thinking of increasing your stream of dividend income? It’s time to explore companies and markets outside of Singapore.

4. Can These 3 Blue-Chip’s Stock Prices Rebound?

The crisis has not been kind to the share prices of these three blue-chip companies. Is there any chance for their stock prices to rebound?

5. Get Smart: 6 Dos and Don’ts of Income Investing

Co-Founder David Kuo says there are six things you should keep in mind if you want to be a successful income investor.

6. 3 Reasons This Oversea REIT’s Acquisition May Not be Attractive As it Seems

Yet another REIT has announced an acquisition, this time in South Korea. However, we offer three reasons why this acquisition may not be so attractive after all.

7. 3 Reasons to Fall In (G)love With This Stock

We elaborate on three reasons why Top Glove Corporation Bhd (SGX: BVA) is such an attractive investment candidate. This is our bull thesis on the stock.

8. 3 Reasons Not to Go Lovey Glovey Over This Stock

Our bear case on Top Glove details three risks you should look out for before you park some money in this popular company.

9. Are Low Interest Rates Good for Stocks?

With interest rates set to stay lower for longer, will this impact your income stocks? Read on to find out.

Please refer to the individual articles for stock ownership disclosures.