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Smart Reads of the Week: Growth Stocks for 2021 and Beyond

After the Lunar New Year festivities, investors can now settle back and start catching up with company earnings again.

Amid a flurry of financial reports from US companies, certain trends are now emerging.

Cloud computing is turning out to be a big winner in a world where more and more are moving online because of the pandemic.

Companies that had already latched onto this trend before the pandemic are now seeing their growth accelerate even more quickly.

New habits arising from the crisis have also led to tailwinds that should endure even after the pandemic has passed.

Some of these include telecommuting, digital payments, on-demand streaming TV, and e-commerce.

Although many industries have been badly battered by the coronavirus, as investors, we should watch out for resilient sectors that are thriving despite the challenges.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, for instance, make use of the cloud to deliver their services using a subscription-based model.

This business model offers revenue certainty and customer stickiness and these attributes have made such businesses resilient despite the economic malaise suffered by many countries.

By picking the winners of strong, enduring trends, we’ll be able to fatten our portfolio and multiple our wealth in the years to come.

Here is a list of our best articles for this week.

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