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Get Smart: Building Castles in the Clouds

The future of investing is in the cloud, and believe it or not, cloud computing is growing.

Winning Stocks Ignited by the Stay-at-Home Consumer

Fitness and gaming platforms and online marketplaces, for example, enjoyed a boom in traffic and sales.

4 REITs That Can Ride on China’s COVID-19 Recovery

Investors who are looking for exposure to China can consider these four REITs.

2 Major Challenges for Grab and Razer’s Digital Bank Dreams

Digital bank aspirants face these two pressing concerns in their bid to operate Singapore's first digital bank.

Can These Medical Stocks Deliver a Shot in the Arm for Your Portfolio?

We delve deeper into whether medical stocks can provide strong returns for your investment portfolio.

3 Shares That Will Benefit When Phase III Kicks In

With Phase III imminent, here are three companies that stand to benefit.

Singapore Airlines Limited: Not Taking Off Anytime Soon

With global travel still at a standstill, the future looks challenging for Singapore’s national carrier.

Get Smart: Investing In The Next Big Thing

Cast your mind back to the 1960s. You can’t? I’m not surprised because some of you probably weren’t even born then. But let David Kuo...

Three Areas Where Asian Firms are Beating Their Western Counterparts

Sure, there are Asian companies that seek to replicate what Western companies have done before. But increasingly, companies in our region are coming of age and holding their own

Will Hotel Stocks’ Share Prices Rebound?

With the pandemic still grounding airlines, is there any chance of a rebound for hotel stocks?

How Asia’s Rise is Fuelling Dividend Growth for These Iconic Companies

With the addition of another 1.5 billion middle class Asians by 2030, there will be more demand for services and consumer goods and plenty of consumer spending to go around.

The Rise of the Asian Consumer

Because Asia is where you want to be in the next decade.



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