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Should a Company Ever be Worth Less Than Its Net Cash?

In the stock market, you may find companies trading at less than the cash it owns. But they don’t neccessarily make good investments. Here’s why.

Better Buy: Propnex vs. APAC Realty

Of the two listed real estate brokerage businesses listed on the SGX, which makes a more compelling investment?

This Tech Company Soared 60% Recently. Is It a Buy?

Are there legitimate reasons to get excited over this company's prospects?

2 Dividend Champions with Great Growth Prospects

Companies that can grow their dividends over time qualify as dividend champions.

3 Resilient Companies I Would Buy With S$10,000

Here are three companies that can withstand the pandemic.

How To Tell If A Company Can Allocate Capital Effectively

A company that allocates capital well will compound shareholder wealth. So how do we tell if a company we’re invested in can allocate capital effectively?

3 Promising Blue-Chip Companies to Add to Your CPF Investment Account

Investors should consider adding these three promising companies to their investment watchlist.

Better Buy: Singtel Versus StarHub

Among the two listed telcos, which makes a more attractive investment candidate?

2 Potential Singapore Shares You Can Buy and Hold Forever

If you advocate a long-term, buy and hold investment strategy, you should consider these two quality companies.

Your Stock Has Risen 20%. Should You Buy More, Hold or Sell?

It becomes a happy problem when your stock has risen.

Forget Singtel: This Telco-Linked Business Provides A More Stable Dividend

Investors who are looking for more certainty in dividend income should look at this telco-linked stock.

BreadTalk to be Delisted on 5 June

The food and beverage player has seen its share of ups and downs over the years.

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