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5 Reasons FLT-FCOT is a Great Merger

As the REIT consolidation wave shows no sign of abating, let's have a look at the merits of the latest merger involving Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust and Frasers Commercial Trust.

Protect Your Wealth: 4 Red Flags That Should Make You Cringe

Looking out for red flags in companies is just as important as identifying strong investment traits. Read on to find out four signs that should make you cringe.

How Can You Avoid Hyflux-Like Disasters?

Utico comes to Hyflux's rescue. But that does not mean a rescue for shareholders and bondholders. That begs the question: how can we avoid such situations in the future?

The Smart Investor Answers: What to Do When A CEO Leaves, Abruptly

We received a good question from our dear reader: what should an investor do when a CEO leaves abruptly? We share our thoughts on the delicate matter.

Singtel’s Share Price is Down Below S$3.30: Could There be a Dividend Cut Looming?

Putting aside a sum of money is admirable, but inflation is a persistent monster that chews away at our pot of savings. Here's what you can do.

“What Should I Do With My Sembcorp Marine Shares That Are In The Red?”

The price you had initially purchased Sembcorp Marine’s (SGX: S51) shares at is irrelevant in deciding whether you should hold or sell the shares now.

Smart Trends: 3 Major Shifts in the Investing World You Should Know

The ground beneath the world of capital funding is shifting. But your behaviour is the key factor in determining whether or not you will be a successful investor. 

Smart Value: Is Keppel Corporation Limited Really Worth $7.35?

Untangling Temasek Holding's S$7.35 per share offer for Keppel Corporation Limited (SGX: BN4)



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