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3 Lessons from Owning REITs for 15 years

I bought units of Suntec REIT in 2005. I still own all the units today. These are my lessons learned.

Diary of A Private Investor: Snacks are Not to be Sniffed at

Snacking may not always be good for our health but they might not be too bad for our wealth.

Diary Of A Private Investor: A Great Year To Own Shares

Who would have thought that stock markets in 2019 would have turned out the way that they did?

Diary Of A Private Investor: Looking For Prospective Pawn Stars

Contrary to popular opinion, pawnbrokers are not in the business of buying goods that they need to subsequently sell. Find out David's take here.

Just The Ticket For Stable Income

We tend to forget that public transport companies are no different to other businesses – they must be profitable.

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