Discover 25 SGX Dividend Stocks You Can Buy And Hold Forever

Now’s your chance to get immediate access to:

  • 25 SGX dividend stocks: These stocks form an automatic income system, letting you live a stress-free life away from financial woes. Just one of them could 2X your dividends for the year.
  • Monthly #1 Stock Buy: Every month, our analysts scour the entire SGX, comb annual reports, and study charts to identify 1 stock we believe has the potential to return 3 to 5 times over the index in the next 18-24 months. We vet these findings, stress-test them further, and only when we’re truly convinced the stock is worth it, do we add it into our portfolio.
  • Top Favourite Stocks: A list of stocks with promising runway for growth in the next few years. If you prefer to buy only one stock, stick to our monthly stock buy. But if you’re looking for more options to boost your returns even higher, pick one of our top favourite stocks.
  • Portfolio Spotlight: Dive deeper into what we think will be a game-changing industry for SGX. Discover our strategies, the mistakes to avoid and a list of stocks with a strong presence in this industry.
  • In-depth case studies: No need to chase the news or read reports. Our case studies give you the most important updates so you can spend more time doing the things you love.
  • Quarterly Q&As: Let us be your personal analyst! Grill our team with questions and clear your burning doubts. You’ll also hear our take on the next big trend, often going deeper than what we usually reveal in public. 
  • Exclusive member-only discounts and much, much more…

Dear Smart Investor,

What if you had a dividend portfolio that covers your daily expenses?

Your groceries, electric bills, and anything else you need are paid for. Plus, you’ll have extras to treat yourself guilt-free to travelling, hobbies and entertainment.

You might even have enough to weather unexpected medical bills, house repairs or give more to your retirement accounts.

There’s no need to worry about price hikes too, as the dividends you collect can easily cover them.

It’s possible, once you follow what we have laid out in…


With The Smart Dividend Portfolio, you’ll smile knowing your money will drive growth AND steady income well into your retirement.

If you followed exactly what The Smart Dividend Portfolio did, you would have made over $6,000 over the same period…without any extra work!

You can use it to fatten up your retirement plans. Park some for your children or granchildren. This extra income ensures you’re well taken care off week in, week out.

There’s nothing complicated about it too.

Simply ignore 96% of the stocks in the SGX, and focus on 25 stocks we already have in The Smart Dividend Portfolio.

These 25 stocks have collectively outperformed The Straits Times Index by more than 10%.

And the income from these stocks can easily fatten up your retirement plans. Or pay for the wine you ordered during a fancy night out with your friends.

Now, during times like this, getting rich or even talking about early retirement might sound crazy. 

But we are hardly concerned.

After helping thousands of investors, we know market downturns are perfect for investors. It allows us to go shopping when stocks are on sale. And helped us capture more gains like… 

  • An Asia financial giant that is up 58.9%, generating hundreds of dollars in dividends from ONE lot of shares alone

  • One of our favourite fintech plays that is up a whopping 308%, with a return of nearly 9% in dividends paid to us like clockwork

  • And a luxury retail brand soaring 73% in value, excluding dividends!

In just 2 years, our top 3 dividend stocks alone have paid us over $800 in cash, against an invested amount of over $9,000. This doesn’t even include the capital gains that we’ve made!

These are only 3 of the 25 companies we have inside The Smart Dividend Portfolio.

If you joined today and bought all 25 stocks, you’ll be surprised at how much your monthly income will stack up.

You could make so much in the next few years to pay for your retirement. And that’s just passive income alone, not counting capital gains.

But you don’t have to go “all in” on the 25 stocks when you join today.

The Smart Dividend Portfolio pours fuel onto your portfolio no matter how large or small.

Simply rely on our secret sauce for picking these stocks…

#1 Stock Buy for the Month

How we help YOU find the best dividend stock each month

Our monthly stock buy is one of the most anticipated moments for our members.

On top of the existing 25 stocks we have…

Eager investors want to know our next move, because this announcement could double or triple the dividends they get.

How do we decide what SGX stocks to add? With these 5 criteria:

  1. Evidence of competitive advantages
  2. Growing, predictable revenue
  3. A well-covered dividend
  4. Financial resilience
  5. Dividend growth

When we apply this in our search, and force ourselves to pick only one stock…

What you’ll get is the #1 stock we think is the best for you to sit back and collect income for the rest of your life!

No aggressive buying and selling, staring at the markets all day or praying to get rich off a ‘meme’ stock. Even if there’s a recession now, you won’t be afraid.

Will we ever sell the stock we buy for the month?

Yes, but only if the business has fundamentally changed. And that’s a BIG “if.” 

In over 2 years of investing, we’ve only sold twice.

Not because their price bottomed out or they are in the red for several months.

But because their fundamentals have shifted so drastically, we believe they can’t bring solid returns in the long term.

If a company is healthy and they expect to increase their payouts, we will stay with them through the dark days.

We ignore short-term price changes. Instead, we use research, analysis and a calm mind to decide what we’ll buy for the long-term.

We’ve cut out the fear of the unknown for you – simply invest alongside us and you’ll be well on your way to a cushy retirement.

But not all stocks are created equal. This is where you must get disciplined.

Because successful investing isn’t only about the stock…

How anyone can generate passive income…even during an economic meltdown!

Our proprietary “Smart Portfolio Builder” tells us how many stocks to buy…and how to allocate them in the portfolio for maximum returns.

Without it, the 25 stocks we own won’t be churning out as many dividends as wanted.

And we definitely won’t be able to weather through market downturns all these years.

The Smart Portfolio Builder mimics the most stable structure known to man – the Pyramid.

Unlike other portfolio styles like the satellite, dumbbell, or barbell strategy…

The Smart Portfolio Builder is much easier to follow. But don’t let the simplicity fool you.

Because it’ll not only ramp up your income, it also maximises the effects of compounding.

Which, as you already know, is a secret of the wealthy.

And by using the framework we’re about to reveal, you’ll start to see enormous cash dividends even through market volatility.

How does it work?

We start by splitting the stocks into 3 categories:

Income: Safe, stable companies that pay dividends like clockwork.

Growth: Excellent potential to deliver huge capital growth and dividends.

Speculative: For those willing to take a little bit more risk for potentially higher returns.

This method lets us diversify our investments. And guides us towards proper allocation of our money.

Here’s how it looks like:

Speculative, growth, income

In The Smart Dividend Portfolio, you’ll find 25 stocks split into…

  • 13 Income stocks
  • 8 Growth stocks
  • 4 Speculative stocks

Pick and choose any stock from these categories. It’s flexible enough to fit into your portfolio, regardless of your goals.

Want stable cash flow? Income stocks are your go-to options. Willing to take some risks for higher returns? Pick some growth and speculative stocks.

The Smart Portfolio Builder gives you true freedom in creating a portfolio that grows your money.

Following this strategy has helped us score an amazing return of 10.9% against the Straits Times Index’s (STI) performance of -0.9% over the same time period.

TSDP vs STI 29 JULY 2022

Will you get this kind of results? We can’t guarantee that.

But our team is confident our way of investing will transform you into a sharper investor…and potentially make you even more money!

The monthly stock buys AND the list of 25 stocks are more than enough to create your own personal money tree.

Our entire goal is to lay the groundwork in your portfolio for massive income.

But if you want to ramp up your income even more, you’ll love the “bonuses” we have inside The Smart Dividend Portfolio:

Top Favourite Stocks

Top Favourite Stocks

A selection of current stock market favourites we feel deserve a place in any income investor’s portfolio.

Choosing what to buy from The Smart Dividend Portfolio’s 25 stocks can be overwhelming.

So we simplify it by highlighting some of our favourites.

This will be based on a few key factors like valuation, whether it has a huge runway for juicy dividend payouts, or even favourable business conditions.

If our monthly stock buys are the “Special of the Month” in a restaurant’s menu…

Then these top favourite stocks are the “Chef’s Recommendation” within the menu.

You can’t go wrong with choosing any one of them.

Top favourite stocks give you even more freedom to create your dream portfolio.

So regardless of your risk appetite or experience with dividend investing…

Our top favourite stocks will be worth your time.

Investors often use this report to add more stocks into their portfolio, or simply an alternative if they find the monthly stock buy too speculative for them.

Portfolio Spotlight

Portfolio Spotlight

Discover up-and-coming trends in the stock market earlier than other investors

Discover up-and-coming trends in the stock market earlier than other investors

The Portfolio Spotlight brings everything you need to know about lucrative market segments on a silver plate.

No time to seek out new stock ideas? Let Portfolio Spotlight do the heavy lifting for you.

When we launched our first spotlight on REITs, we alerted members of the chance to nab large gains for themselves.

And for our first Spotlight, we featured an industry that has already minted multi-millionaires for decades: REITs.

In our second Spotlight recently released, it’ll show you, how we will bring our portfolio to not only survive but to grow and thrive in any economic condition in the coming years. 

Our Portfolio Spotlight is just one of the many ways we show investors how to find their own pot of gold. 

In the future, we’ll be adding more features that can help investors adapt to new market conditions and industry changes.

If you’re prepared to be a disciplined and consistent investor, The Smart Dividend Portfolio is perfect for you.

But don’t take our word for it, hear what others have to say:

"This is really a great education website on creating a dividend portfolio. I was also a member of the Motley Fool SG in the past and I can see that your approaches are so much better this time round with the Q & A sessions and I learned a lot about risk management from the way you are creating the portfolio. This concept of risk management was just a "theory" in the Motley Fool SG but a practical reality in The Smart Investor Dividend Portfolio. Thanks."
Mr. S
"As usual, there were new learnings I have picked up, and I like the articles for the fact that they were so easily understandable, and how they evaluate companies and REITs. I highly recommend this site... whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert investor, I am sure you will definitely pick up some very useful new knowledge."
Mr. L
“... very insightful and my key source of information in guiding my investments"
“The features give sense of market direction and ideas of good quality investment to consider add on to my portfolio”

Pile Up Your Income Quickly Starting Today

Whether you want to retire earlier, buy a new home, pay for your child’s enrichment lessons, or just stash it away for a rainy day…

Income investing is one of the best ways to achieve true financial freedom.

But maybe you want to do everything on your own. 

Then be prepared to spend countless hours researching the market…running the numbers…and still feel you’ve not made the best decision.

Or you can make life easier by following The Smart Dividend Portfolio:

  1. Follow our #1 stock buy each month
  2. Pick and choose your stocks from our list of 25 companies
  3. Find new stock ideas with Portfolio Spotlight
  4. Improve your investing skills with our guides
  5. Stay ahead with Q&As, stocks updates and reports
  6. Relax and watch the dividends stack quickly in your accounts

What You Get When You Join The Smart Dividend Portfolio Today:

On top of 25 shares you’ll receive in your membership, you’ll also unlock a suite of features like:

Monthly Stock Buys

Our Latest Monthly Stock Buy

We’ll be buying at least one Singapore stock every month. You’ll be among the first to discover what we think could be a pivotal investing decision for your portfolio.

Top Favourite Stocks

Top Favourite Stocks

Every month, we’ll release a selection of our current favourite stocks we believe deserves a place in any investor’s portfolio.

Portfolio Spotlight REITs

Portfolio Spotlight

“Level up” your investments with a deep dive into lucrative market segments. We cover topics like technical terms, mistakes to avoid, and the stocks to look out for. This is the best way to place yourself at the forefront of investing!

Portfolio stock case studies

Portfolio Stock Case Studies

This gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how we select each stock. Each case study comes with detailed analysis on the numbers and business breakdowns. Case studies gives you an x-ray view of the stock, so you can make the best decision for your own portfolio.

proprietary smart portfolio builder

Proprietary Smart Portfolio Builder

You’ll learn about our proprietary Smart Portfolio Builder that guides you on constructing a sturdy portfolio to weather any market or economic conditions. This works regardless of your portfolio size and stock selection.

specific allocation plan

Specific Allocation Plan

You’ll discover exactly how we structure our portfolio so you can use the Smart Portfolio Builder to build your own.

monthly portfolio update and commenraty

Monthly Portfolio Update and Commentary

Every month, we’ll provide updates on the stocks in the portfolio, and explain how the performance of each stock affects its position within the portfolio, and what action we plan to take, if any. The performance of the entire portfolio, including the individual performance of every single stock, will be clearly shown.

quarterly qa

Quarterly Q&As

These Q&As are the perfect time for you to grill us with questions. It’s also a time when you can ask your investing questions and clear any burning doubts you may have. We run them every quarter.


Foundation Investing lessons

Your ultimate blueprint to profitable income investing. You’ll learn about critical stock-picking principles, including an in-depth look into the “Smart Portfolio Builder”. This lesson alone will give you the skills to construct a portfolio that lasts a lifetime. It will also protect you from deadly mistakes so you stay away from bad yields, or attempt to invest beyond your risk tolerance.


Premium Special Investing Reports

Members will receive special premium investing reports The Smart Investor creates. These reports help you make better decisions in your journey to financial freedom.

The Smart Dividend Portfolio retails at $49 per month, billed annually. We’ve been told this is too low of a subscription price, considering you’re getting a full year of support, updates, and the potential to find even more money-making ideas.

So if you’re thinking of investing in SGX in 2023, join The Smart Dividend Portfolio today and turn 2023 into a record high for your investments.

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