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Who would have thought that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would rebound 30% from its Covid-19 lows in March.

Needless to say, these are unusual times.

With the markets on a seeming rollercoaster ride, as investors, there are things we can do, and things that we should not do.

Let’s start with the obvious. Don’t panic.

The Smart Investor’s Smart Dividend Portfolio is here for you.

When the markets first nosedived as concerns heightened over the virus outbreak, we ran a Q&A session in February for Smart Dividend Portfolio members.

And as the market decline worsened, we hosted another two ad-hoc Special Q&A sessions to make sure that everyone’s questions were addressed.

We also added a real estate investment trust (REIT) playbook so that our members of our community, stay updated on our latest thinking.

We have also been providing our members with regular, timely updates on the market, and what investors can do to survive and emerge victorious from this volatile market.

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If you are feeling very uneasy right now, it is possible that you may have too much invested in the market, consider scaling back or taking smaller positions when you buy a stock.

Or perhaps you were considering starting to invest in the stock market, and you’re now feeling scared.

There is little point in buying large positions if you are not ready for it.

If taking smaller positions gives you the courage to buy stocks as the market tanks, then that could be the better approach for you.

At The Smart Dividend Portfolio, we have emphasised some key basic rules right from the start.

Remember… you need to

1. Have an emergency fund ready: The situation today is a good reminder of why that fund is important.

2. Don’t use any cash you need for the next five years to invest: Because we are planning to hold our stocks for five years or more, we shouldn’t put any short-term cash needs at risk.

3. Do not pour all your money into the market at one go: Pace yourself when it comes to investing.

Allow time for companies to report their earnings next quarter or semi-annual earnings, and assess the business again.

Ultimately, our goal as Smart Investors should stay the same, regardless of what the market throws at us, focusing less on stocks that have fallen the most, and instead aiming always for the best companies that we can find.

This all sounds like a lot. But the basic questions remain the same.

What stocks should I buy? When should I buy? Should I sell? When should I sell?

Focus on the business, and not the stock price.

Stock prices will not help you make a better decision.

Understanding what is happening at the business will help you make better decisions.

The next question, of course, is what are the stocks you should buy?

The companies that weather a downturn should have familiar qualities that investors should prize.

Companies with strong market positions, plenty of free cash flow and great management teams are all great qualities to have.

When the chips are down, these are the kind of qualities that you want to have on your side.

We’ve been investing in the stock market for decades.

Our goal is the same as yours.

To make money.

We would like to help you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be.

You may know who we are.

We are the same team of people who produced exceptional results on the various Motley Fool Singapore services.

Our best performing service was Stock Advisor Gold. From May 2016 until the doors to the Motley Fool Singapore closed at the end of October 2019, the flagship service scored a return of 30.2% over the Straits Times Index’s 7.8% comparable return. That is over 3 times better than the STI.

In dollar terms, if you had invested $100,000 into stocks that we recommended in the service, you would have very neatly made $30,200 over the same period.

We stand proudly behind the work that we’ve done.

Our hard work has helped us achieve the investing success that we’ve seen today.

And now we’re bringing our hard work to you.

We’d like to show you how to cut through the noise to achieve the same investing success for yourself.

Investing success takes time and hard work.

Some may think that identifying the right shares to buy will guarantee a profitable portfolio.

That’s not enough.

First, you have to pick the right shares to buy….

Then you need to decide how much of each share to purchase…

And when do you sell?

When should you invest your money in another stock?

There is just so much involved.

We want to make it easy for you.

To teach you so that you know exactly which stocks to buy and sell…

And how to allocate every single dollar into each stock…

And enjoy a portfolio designed to steadily grow your wealth over time through the worst recessions, corrections, or unknown market conditions.

After all, there is no way that every single stock that you pick will be profitable. Even Buffett doesn’t have a 100% success rate.

What is more important is to pick enough profitable stocks to offset the losses…

To know when to cut your losses, and put your hard-earned money towards winners instead.

We want to teach you how to set up a portfolio that lets you sleep easy at night knowing that your portfolio is well-positioned…

To weather any sudden or serious downturns, come what may..

To provide you with a regular stream of income to enjoy living your life.

And that is where the Smart Dividend Portfolio comes in.

The Smart Investor is putting our own money to work.

We will show you how to create your own Singapore-focused dividend portfolio, from scratch.

We all learn best through real life experiences, and this is what The Smart Investor aims to do: bring real life experiences to you.

It is not just empty talk.

For this service, we are putting our money where our mouths are, and…

putting aside S$20,000 of our own money for this portfolio.

And we’re planning to add another $10,000 in the second half of this year.

We started this journey over a month ago. We are beginning to buy Singapore-listed stocks with the aim of creating an income stream for ourselves, and our families.

Our service comes with a series of investing educational content to help you understand how we can achieve exceptional investing performance.

You’ll be able to see when we BUY a stock, why we bought the stock, and how we manage our own stock portfolio.

We will explain why we bought it..

how much we choose to invest in that stock…

when we are buying it…

how much of the stock to buy…

And if it comes to it, when and how much of the stock to sell.

You’ll get to ask The Smart Investor analyst team questions and hear our answers along the way….

Just in case you are wondering, we will be informing members BEFORE we make a stock purchase.

Here is an example of what you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to once you join…

Every stock in the portfolio is included for a reason.

It could be because it produces income or perhaps it could drive growth or maybe it might provide a bit of speculative excitement.

We will provide comprehensive coverage of each stock, so you will have a clear picture of why we made that decision.

The journey doesn’t end when we’re done buying the stocks.

What happens if one stock jumps 20%? Or if another drops 5%? Or if the economy tanks further?

What should you do with your stocks?

This is where we come in.

We will show you how we deal with our own money.

We distill everything that we have learned from our collective decades of investing experience so that you don’t have to pay the same “tuition fees” that every investor does when they invest in the stock market.

We are inviting you to experience this profitable investing journey together with us.

When you sign up as a member, you’ll get immediate access to…

Our Real Life Smart Dividend Portfolio

A real-life demo is the best way that the lessons can be brought to life. To show that any common investor can invest in the stock market, and make money. We are starting with a portfolio size of S$20,000.

Foundation lessons

We’ll walk you through a set of foundation lessons designed to help you understand the theory behind building income portfolios that can feed you, and your family for life.

12 Stock Case Studies

When you join, you get immediate access to 12 stocks in our portfolio.

We have detailed why we bought them and the reasoning behind it.

You will get a behind-the-scenes preview of how we analyse the stock. Learn about everything including valuation, free cash flow, balance sheet, risk factors, and more, all in plain English.

Proprietary Smart Portfolio Builder

You’ll learn about our proprietary method to build a portfolio. Our Smart Portfolio Builder will show you how to construct a sturdy portfolio to weather any market or economic conditions.

Specific Allocation Plan

We will share with you exactly how much of each counter we plan to purchase at the start so that you will have a better understanding of how we utilise the Smart Portfolio Builder to construct the portfolio.

On an ongoing basis, you will also receive…

Monthly Portfolio Update and Commentary

Every month, we will provide updates on the stocks within our Smart Dividend Portfolio, and explain how the performance of each stock affects its position within the portfolio, and what action we plan to take, if any.

The performance of the entire portfolio, including individual performance of every single stock, will be clearly shown.

Regular Lessons

We will periodically provide related stock investing lessons. We will cover the latest stock market and economic news, and any related impact on the stocks within our Smart Dividend Portfolio.

Quarterly Q&As

We are opening ourselves to questions every quarter so that we can reinforce what you have learnt.

Feel free to ask us any question relating to the portfolio. Perhaps you’d like to know why we purchased a particular stock at that particular price. Or why we are still holding onto a particular stock despite the fact that it’s gone up (or down) 20%.

Members will get exclusive access to our team, and ask questions to improve your understanding of our concepts and case studies.

Portfolio Stock Case Studies

On an ongoing basis, we will continue to offer case studies on any new stocks that we choose for the portfolio.

Premium Special Investing Reports

Members will receive access to premium special investing reports that The Smart Investor produces, to help you along your journey to financial freedom. Get immediate access to our special REITs playbook that outlines our analyses and plans for REITs investing in Singapore.

The Smart Dividend Portfolio consists of…

Stock Case studies: $735

Foundation Lessons: $120

Quarterly Q&A: $200

Monthly lessons: $120

Special investing reports: $99

Total value: $1,274 value for the first year

The total value of what you’re getting from a subscription is over $1,200.

The Smart Dividend Portfolio normally sells at $588 for a year’s subscription or $49 a month. 

We are now offering $100 discount.

That means that a one year subscription is now only selling at $488, or $40.67 a month!

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