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OCBC Has Appointed a New CEO: What are the Implications for Investors?

The local bank made the surprise announcement last week. How should investors react to this news?

Smart Reads of the Week: Gearing Up for a Recovery

As conditions improve globally, stock markets are moving up on a wave of optimism.

2021 is Here: 3 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Retirement

The New Year is here. Here are three ways you can set yourself up on the road to a quicker retirement.

6 Things I’m Certain Will Happen In The Financial Markets In 2021

There are so many things that can happen, but here are six things that I’m certain will happen in the financial markets in 2021.

The Hang Seng Index Revamp: 5 Aspects Investors Should Know About

Hong Kong’s main index is set to undergo major changes.

Smart Reads of the Week: Welcome to 2021!

Let's welcome a brand new year as hopes rise for an end to this terrible pandemic.

3 Attributes of Successful Long-Term Investors That You Can Emulate

It's useful to learn from the best when it comes to investing. Here are three traits that should stand you in good stead.

The Investor Who Defied Warren Buffett (And Won on His Own Terms)

Warren Buffett is not the only great investor around.

3 Ways Your Mind Can Mess Up Your Perception of Investing Reality

Your mind could be playing tricks on you when it comes to investing.

Looking Back at 2020

We take a quick look at what this year has brought us.

Smart Reads of the Week: Seasons Greetings!

Soak in the Christmas cheer as we enjoy a long weekend of festivities.

How to Find a Winning Stock for 2021

Investors need to look at these five aspects as a foundation for finding strong and resilient businesses.

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