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Smart Reads of the Week: What’s Next for the Stock Market?

After a surprising period of calm, the market has been roiled by volatility once again.

How to Survive The Coming Dividend Apocalypse

While we have, collectively, decades of investing experience, we also recognise that we are going through a pandemic for the first time. We don’t want to be over-confident.

Get Smart: How to be the Captain of Your Own Dividend Ship

You need to take stock of what's happening around you and be the steward of your own portfolio.

Smart Reads of the Week: Better Days Ahead

Look forward to the world getting back to normalcy once again.

Smart Look At The Week Ahead: How Is China Doing?

Banks can tell us a lot about what is going on in an economy. They are, after all, at the front end of everything that goes on.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Repression

US Federal Reserve is aiming to boost average inflation above a 2% target, whilst keeping interest rates ultra-low for years to boost employment. The two key words are “average” and “target”.

3 Reasons Why We Will Unlikely Revisit March’s Market Lows

It is tempting to wait for the market to dip again, but by doing so, you may miss out on attractive investing opportunities.

Get Smart: The Race to Raise Target Prices

The brokerages are playing catch-up with the swift rise in share prices of glove companies.

Smart Look At The Week Ahead: SATS To Close Out The Earnings Season

There is just one more counter to announce results before the curtain can come down on the blue-chip earnings season for the third quarter. Airport...

Smart Thought Of The Week: Speculation

Speculation is most dangerous when it looks easiest. There is plenty that can go wrong.

Smart Reads of the Week: The Stock Market Hits a New High

The gap between the stock market and the economy is growing wider.

Smart Look At The Week Ahead: Japan Economy Set To Shrink

We are at the tail end of the Singapore blue-chip earnings season. Just a couple more companies to go before the curtains can come down.



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