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How to Grow Your Dividends by Investing Globally

Everybody loves receiving a steady stream of passive income. Investing in income-producing stocks can help you achieve this goal. You can find good stocks to invest...

Should You Invest in REITs Despite COVID-19?

There is, understandably, a lot of fear and uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stock markets have suffered brutal sell-offs back in March and many stocks have...

Smart Thought Of The Week: POTUS

The showdown between Trump and Biden is set for Tuesday evening. Do investors care who wins? Traders might. But serious investors probably don’t give a flying fig.

Smart Look At The Week Ahead: Head-to-Head

It’s getting close to the time when American voters will have to decide between a continuation of the Trump administration or whether it is time for a change.

Smart Reads of the Week: Have Dividends Had Their Day?

Is a dividend investing strategy still relevant?

Smart Thought Of The Week: Last-Man-Standing

Our job as investors is to try and identify those last-man-standing companies. To do that, we need to dig into their balance sheets and cash flow statements because cash is king.

Smart Reads of the Week: Invest Back in Singapore’s Future

Take a chill pill this weekend and explore our little island.

Smart Look At The Week Ahead: The Fed and Top Glove

The US Federal Reserve has said that it will keep interest rates lower for years to support recovery from the coronavirus crisis and recession. But the question is how low is going to be low enough.

Smart Thought Of The Week: MVP

A vaccine is not a fancy motorised scooter or a piece of operating software where a minimum viable product or MVP will do. This is not something that can be fixed on the fly after it has been injected into millions.

Smart Reads of the Week: A Sudden Plunge

Volatility has suddenly reared its ugly head once again.

Smart Look At The Week Ahead: US Labour Day

The US markets will be closed for Labour Day holidays on Monday. But there will be plenty of economic data to digest from the US, China, the EU and our northern neighbours, Malaysia.

Smart Thought Of The Week: Alphabet-Soup

We can now add another letter to the bowl alphabet-soup and raft of symbols and shapes that experts are predicting the economic recovery will take -- the letter "K"



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